Turnkey padel courts

For over 20 years, we have been providing our clients with services at the highest level in the construction and maintenance of tennis courts, basketball courts and many other sports surfaces.

Turnkey Padel courts

Here are the models currently featured in our catalogue for manufacturing padel courts conceived for converting existent sports facilities or installing new courts:

Padel Court Manufacturer | Padel Tennis Court Construction Cost

DELUXE model structure

A world-class model to enable coplanar fitting between the glass and wire mesh.

Panoramic Padel Court Construction | Padel Tennis Court Construction Cost

PANORAMIC model structure

A world-class model which, thanks to the modular glasses without rear posts, offers greater visibility both for the players and spectators, thus creating a giant screen effect.

Panoramic Padel Court Construction

PADEBALL (multisport) padel without glasses

Italian Padel has patented the “Padeball”: a structure similar to a padel court but… without glass! It is innovative, versatile, installable on concrete platforms, modular, self-supporting and certified. This allows, compared to a normal padel court, a great saving (also in terms of bureaucracy and investment for the purchase). The advantages? A lower time commitment and construction costs for a padel tennis court, it is also suitable for smaller spaces than the usual playgrounds. It is a multisport field where you can play volleyball, soccer, tennis, badminton and, of course, padel. Suitable for any situation, it is the simplest and most versatile solution for installing padel courts in campsites, hotels, beaches, B & Bs, gyms … More information on the dedicated website www.padeball.com

Tennis Padel Court Manufacturer

DIDACTIC Deluxe and Panoramic model

I campi didattici creati con l’intento di poter imparare il gioco del padel attraverso maestri specializzati nel settore, con lezioni individuali, permettono anche di conoscere le regole divertendosi allo stesso tempo. Grazie alle dimensioni ridotte rispetto al campo da padel di regolazione, può essere installato in luoghi con spazi più limitati. Per quanto riguarda il campo padel, il campo didattico è presente anche in entrambi i modelli, DELUXE e PANORAMIC.

Accessories and complements padel courts

Italian Padel is able to provide all the tools for the maintenance, correct management and good functioning of your padel court. Discover some of our proposals below.

Special sands for padel courts

The sands for padel courts are used to ensure high flatness and an always homogeneous rebound. Available for all types of synthetic grass fields, parameterized according to specific applications for the construction and maintenance of the fields. Designed for those looking for high performance both from the point of view of drainage and speed of play, thanks to the always safe and progressive grip. Italian Padel is an official reseller of Sabbie di Parma, and is able to supply the play structures with the retail sale of specific sandbags for this use. For more information, write us here:  info@italianpadel.it

Eyes On

With the purchase of our courts  and the signing of the service subscription with the company Eyes visiON Srl, the customer will receive the EYES ON FUN system FREE OF CHARGE. The installation of Eyes On Fun in a padel court allows players to start the video recording of their game and to be able to report the highlights of the event being played. The system is activated using the Eyes On app, available for both iOS and Android. The video and the highlights generated will be available in the personal area of ​​the Eyes On platform by users who have logged in for that game session. Highlights can be instantly shared by players across major social platforms. After a few days, the video of the entire session will be deleted (the user still has the right to download it locally).

The Eyes On Fun product consists of:

– A full-HD camera;

– A bracket to support the camera on the supporting structure of the courts (this bracket has a telescopic structure to adapt to the available spaces and to optimize video shooting, the optimal position is about 2.7 m from the ground);

– A button to be positioned either on the net post or on the entrance upright;

-A POE power supply to power the camera to be positioned near the club’s router.

What is special about it?

It is played in the dark. The only visible things are lines that mark the courts, the ball and the players’ clothes – all fluorescent.

For information: www.ghostpadel.com

Padel Court Maintenance Services
Padel Court Installation Company

Ghost Padel: padel courts

Ghost Padel is a new patented format of the padel game. It is a “brilliant” idea (in the literal sense) to make padel playing even more fun and adrenaline-pumping.

What is special about it?

It is played in the dark. The only visible things are lines that mark the courts, the ball and the players’ clothes – all fluorescent.

For information: www.ghostpadel.com

Here’s where you can find our courts:

includes kosovo

To date we have built and installed over 900 padel courts in Italy and abroad.

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