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For over 20 years, we have been providing our clients with excellence in services at the highest level for Padel Supply, Design, Construction and Repair.

Our Services

Design of Mondo Padel Courts

Professional design services

Construction of Mondo Padel Courts

We build all types of sports surfaces

Resurfacing of Mondo Padel courts

We will renew your sports surface

Court Maintenance

We build all types of sports surfaces

USA's top licensed Padel court Construction and ISO 9001 Certified Installation Specialist.

Welcome to Mondo Padel  your premier Padel construction, supply, and installation company.  We pride ourselves on having an extensive team of Padel court contractors with specialized knowledge in all aspects of the Padel construction field.

Our staff of factory certified installers will provide you with the highest standards available in the market today.  Providing you with the assurance that you will receive a seamless trouble free installation giving you a true turn-key solution to all your Padel needs.

We have been rated the top licensed Padel court construction company both in our Florida home state and across the USA.   We are able to provide you with any type size project from single home court to large Padel Centers simultaneously. 

Through many years of R&D we have developed proprietary techniques that we utilize on all our Padel Courts.   Mondo Padel offers the top playable surfaces coupled with the world’s safest courts available, solely utilizing 12mm Safety Glass, outstanding Mondo Carpeting, helping you create a totally reliable environment.

Additionally, we use laser technology for world class specs, which allows us to provide customers with the best products and supplies available anywhere.

We believe that by tracking and evaluating our daily performance, we are able to improve ourselves in an effort to serve our customers better.

As a result, we are now the US leader for our complete Padel Courts offerings with our Padel Village Registered Concept and Padel Courts Structures of all types.  

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Padel Courts Manufactured

As a dedicated Padel court manufacturer, we specialize in crafting innovative and panoramic Padel court constructions that redefine the sporting experience. Our commitment to quality extends to every aspect, from meticulous court installation to comprehensive maintenance services.

Why choose MONDO PADEL?

Expert Construction

As certified Padel court installers, we bring precision and expertise to every project, ensuring your court meets the highest quality standards.

Panoramic Views

Elevate your sporting experience with our panoramic Padel court constructions. Immerse yourself in the game with surroundings that complement the thrill of every match.

Tailored Solutions

MONDO PADEL doesn’t just build courts; we create tailored solutions. Whether you need a new installation or maintenance services, we have you covered.

Partner with MONDO PADEL for a seamless and enjoyable Padel court experience. As your trusted Padel court installation company, we go beyond construction; we build legacies.

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Client Testimonials

I am very happy with the work that was done by Sport Surfaces. The gentleman that did the measuring explained what would take place. The job was completed in two days as promised. Your employee that did the measuring made a nice appearance. I recommend your company!

Sharon Weis

Myerlee Gardens Condominium

I have used this company for the past three years to resurface many tennis courts. The communication is superb and the work is always done in a timely fashion. They work very clean and the costs are very competitive. I strongly recommend this company every time I am asked to oversee a tennis court resurfacing.

David Guzick

Gainesville, Florida

I am very happy to recommend Sport Surfaces. I have worked on a regular basis with the company since 2007. I have found their management staff and construction personnel to be knowledgeable and highly skilled. They have delivered work on time and I have been very satisfied with the results.

Richard Dean Middleton


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